Sugarland‘s own Kristian Bush was honored last week as a Distinguished Alumnus by his Alma Mater, Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut. He was awarded the prestigious honor by a former fellow student and New York Ranger!

How did this Tennessee boy wind up in a boarding school in Connecticut anyway?


Kristian Bush is from East Tennessee, my neck of the woods as we say. And when given the chance to get out the country and into a private school he jumped at the chance. How did this Tennessee boy end up in Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut? It all starts with a bean company you may have heard of…Bush’s Baked Beans. Kristian family owned the famous bean company and sold the family business for a bit of cash allowing him to attend the prestigious school.

Since Kristian Bush was 3 years-old he was into music, and that carried over into his high school days, where he walked down the same halls as some famous hockey players! Avon Old Farms School gave Kristian the opportunity to continue to grow in his creative, musical side. He even wrote his first song at the age of 13, “My first three albums were terrible, but I was 13, 14, 15 years old. But I was here. I was making them while I was here,” Bush said. “I was writing them in my dorm.”

The nurturing from a great private school helped Kristian progress to where he is today, on the road with the huge machine of Sugarland. On Friday, March 2, 2012 Avon Old Farms honored Kristian Bush with the Distinguished Alumnus award and he wrote at, “Whoever thought that I would have gone to school with New York Rangers star Brian Leetch, and 25 years later they’d be giving me an award?” What an awesome honor! Avon Patch has a lot more interesting info.

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    Woohooo!! Love sugarland!!!! He deserves it!!!! Can’t wait to see them!!! The Greek!!! Verizon wireless amphitheater! Maybe cricket wireless amphitheater and maybe las Vegas!!!!! Nothin better than a sugarland concert!!!!

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