Fortunately, there was no lightning storm or rain in Devore, CA where Toby Keith continued his “Live on Overdrive” tour this past Friday (08/10/12). Nevertheless, his mash up of his popular sing-a-long hits made a huge impact on the 30,000 something spectators in the audience.

He opened the show with one of his already legendary scripted videos, this time portraying a truck driving along a desert highway reminiscent of the immediate surroundings of the San Manual Amphitheater that hosted his performance that evening. The video served as an intro to his opening song “American Ride” released on the album with the same name. It was clear that Toby intended to open his act with high energy, patriotic songs to get his audience going.

Toby continued the set list with “Made in America,” which showed glimpses of the music video on the screens around the stage. It was fun to see the audience amp up whilst seeing a reflection of each other in this video. Toby had announced a video shoot during this concert as well, which came to fruition in “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” a few songs later. Toby explained that apart from “having fun” the only other condition he had was to play the song twice for production purposes. The audience embraced this whole-heartedly by cheering and singing along even louder the second time around.

Earlier in the day at a live interview, Toby had mentioned to the K-FROG’s Frogmen in the Morning, that the idea for the song came along when he was talking with his buddies (at a country club when they played golf) about this guy being uptown who claimed “I want to go back to where the girls drink beer” and another Toby Keith hit song was born.

During the evening performance, a look around made it apparent that the venue was close to being sold out. Groups of female audience members were usually standing on their seats waiving their home made posters in the air, trying to get a chance to be in the video. The show started around 9pm and didn’t end until 11.30pm. After the third song “God Love Her” Toby’s performance started to look and feel more like a college party.

Immediately preceding his next song, Toby proudly announced that “he would be drinking” tonight, referencing to his inanimate companion the “Red Solo Cup” in his left hand. He followed this announcement with his big Radio hit “Beers Ago,” finishing the contents of his cup after the song. It was quite entertaining to see country superstar Toby Keith leisurely raising his cup at the audience, encouraging each and every one to do the same.

Toby’s set continued with the popular hit “Talk About Me” and “Whiskey Girl” both favorite hits among the audience. Toby also referenced to Country-artist-buddy Willie Nelson, who later on joined him in “Beer For My Horses” via a dubbed in video track. Willie Nelson was mentioned again in “Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again” which was all about contact highs and the embarrassment of having friends that like smoking the “Peace Pipe” on occasion. Toby also stated that the song would probably never be released on the radio (for a very good reason.)

The concert reached its climax at “Red Solo Cup” which featured a couple of animated Solo cups in the background. The song was so popular that TK sounded completely drowned out by the audience voices around him. It’s safe to say that all of the songs on his set list were perceived with a similar reaction, but “Red Solo Cup” really took the cake as his current most popular hit.

Apart from encouraging his audience to have a good time, he also made an effort to mention the men and women supporting the event. Before he started “Beer For My Horses,” he raised his cup to the firefighters, policemen and most importantly “the men and women that were proud enough to wear his country’s uniform” Toby steered away from any political ideals and instead emphasized his patriotic beliefs and the love he felt for America.

In summary, Toby Keith performed with inspiring passion, backed with a tight band that performed his songs flawlessly. His show started with the current hits on his album “Clancy’s Tavern” ventured overtop his most popular party songs and ended with Country-Rock anthems like “How Do You Like Me Now” and “A Little Less Talk
Here’s the complete set list of Friday’s (08/10/12) performance:

1. American Ride
2. Made in America
3. God Love Her
4. Girls that Like to Drink Beer (2x)
5. Beers Ago
6. Talk About Me
7. Whisky Girl
8. Smoke Weed With Willie
9. Who’s Your Daddy
10. We’ve Already Kissed/Get Out of My Car
11. Red solo Cup
12. As Good As I Ever Was
13. I Love This Bar
14. Should Have Been A Cowboy
15. Beer for my Horses
16. How Do You Like Me Now
17. A Little Less Talk

-Michael Trobisch / CBS KFRG 95.1

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