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Phillip Sweet From Little Big Town Talks About “Motorboating” And Touring With Rascal Flatts

The Frogmen in the Morning got to talk to 1/4 of Little Big Town. Phillip Sweet called in to talk about their first No. 1 hit “Pontoon” and what its like to be on the road with Rascal Flatts.

Little Big Town has been around for awhile, but even with all their years of hard work, they just recently got their first No. 1 song with “Pontoon”. Phillip talked about how some of their other  big songs got close, but that this is a milestone for the band. He describes “Pontoon” as a “3 minute escape”.

Phillip also talked about playing “Pontoon” in concert and said that is one of the greatest moments of the concert, because people recognize the song right away. As soon as people hear it, they sing along and some people even act out motorboating. Phillip even gave us his own PG definition of what motorboating is.

Speaking of their concerts, Little Big Town is currently out on the road with the Rascal Flatts tour. Phillip talked about how cool it is to be on the road with so many long time bands like Rascal Flatts, Eli Young Band, and Eden’s Edge. He even told us one of the coolest moments is the finale when it looks like there’s “800 people on stage”, when all the bands come out together.

He said one of the things he’s been wanting to do while on the road with Rascal Flatts is have a basketball game, Little Big Town versus Rascal Flatts, but it hasn’t happened. He thinks the reason they haven’t played together is because Rascal Flatts is “scared”. He talked about when they were on the road with the Zac Brown Band and they played a basketball game. He admitted that ZBB kicked their butts.

Listen to Phillip’s full interview below, click on the Play Button.

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