By Kelli Green

It’s Thursday and time for some football tonight! Here are my picks for week 6.

The Steelers and Titans kicks off this week with the Thursday Night football game. Last week the Steelers had a close game, probably due to the injuries that they’ve had, but those aside I think they’ll still beat the Titans tonight.

The Atalanta Falcons have set a franchise record and I think they will continue on with the streak of winning by beating the Raiders on Sunday. The Bengals will meet the Browns on Sunday and although I think these teams are pretty well matched I’m still giving the edge to the Bengals. The Colts pulled off a huge upset last week beating the Packers, but I think Karma is going to catch up with them this week and they’ll suffer a loss at the hands of the Jets. The Rams and Dolphins game will be a pretty good game, but I’m predicting the Dolphins get the win at home. The one thing consistent with Vick’s game last week was his fumbles and luckily for him the Steelers had some key players with injuries which made it a close one. Hopefully Vick can get the ball into the hands of his boys and put some points up. Vick and the Eagles will face the Lions at home and I think Vick will get his game together and the Eagles will be victorious.

Sunday games also include the Chiefs heading to Tampa Bay, where I think they’ll get a beating. I’m definitely going with the Buccaneers. Dallas will head to Baltimore pitting Romo against Flacco. In my opinion there’s no competition in terms of quarterbacks, I give the win to the Ravens.  The Bills will head to Arizona to play the Cardinals and I think the Cards will get another win at home.  The Seahawks have been playing pretty well and getting some wins under their belt, but that’s going to stop when they face the Patriots this Sunday. It’ll be an east coast west coast game when the Giants come to San Fran to go against the 49ers. Besides being a west coast girl, I’m going for the 49ers on this one.  The Vikings will head to Washington, where they will get a win before they head back home. The Green Bay Packers are going to play the undefeated Houston Texans. The Packers were upset last week by the Colts and this week I think they’re going to suffer another loss to the Texans.

The Monday night game will be the Broncos versus the Chargers. I think this will a close game, but once against I’m going with the west coast team. I think the Chargers will win at home. If you need a place to watch the game, check it out at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Rancho for Money Night Football. The game gets kicked off at 5:30pm and that’s when we start the bets. You get $50 in K-Frog cash just for coming and then by making bets you can win more K-Frog cash to use to buy prizes.  Plus we’ll be giving away Carrie Underwood tickets and we’ll have the prize wheel giving 4 people the chance to win $10,000 in real cash! Join the fun at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill on Monday!

Steelers Titans
Raiders Falcons
Bengals Browns
Colts Jets
Rams Dolphins
Lions Eagles
Chiefs Buccaneers
Cowboys Ravens
Bills Cardinals
Patriots Seahawks
Giants 49ers
Vikings Redskins
Packers Texans
Broncos Chargers
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