By Kelli Green

My roller coaster of predictions continues. After having a great week two weeks ago I did horrible last week. Well if the pattern continues it should be a good week!

Thursday night kicks off the football week with the Dolphins heading to Buffalo. Both teams are on a losing streak and the Dolphins have a slightly better record, but I’m still going with the Bills at home.

When Sunday kicks off the Cardinals will head to Hot-Lanta to take on the Falcons. The Falcons just got their first loss of the season last week, but I don’t think its a sign of whats to come. I think the Falcons will get back on a winning streak starting with the Cardinals. The Cowboys had a close win last week, but all in all it was a win and I think they’ll pick up another win when they host the Browns in Dallas. Green Bay will be on the road this week going to Detriot, but even on the road I think they’ll still play better ball than the Lions and get the win. The Bengals and Chiefs will face off on Sunday and this might make for a good game, because they both play at the same level. It’s not a very high level, but they’re evenly matched. I can say that I’m a Jags fans and we have a horrible record. I’ll give the slight advantage to the Chiefs, because they’re at home and they just played a decent game against the Bears. Speaking of my team, I have to bet against the Jags this week. They are playing the Texans and unfortunately I think they are going to get slaughtered. The Jets are heading to St. Louis to pit Sanchez against Bradford. These teams are also pretty evenly matched with the same number of wins. The Jets don’t have that good of a record on the road and the Rams  do pretty well at home so I’ll go with the Rams on this one.

I think Andrew’s luck is about to run out when they run into the Patriots this week. I think veteran quarterback Tom Brady will team Andrew Luck a thing or two this week. The Eagles and Redskins is an interesting game, because the teams both have the same exact record including the number of wins and losses. Here’s the really interesting thing the record is the same for the the Eagles on the road as it is for the Redskins at home. The Eagles seems to be on a bigger losing streak though, losing their last 5 games, whereas the Redskins have only lost their last 3. So advantage goes to the Redskins.  The Tampa Bay Bucs will head to Carolina and I think the Buccaneers will win this battle. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints will head into Oakland to take on the Raiders and I think this game will give new mean to “the big easy”. Rivers and Manning will square off in the Chargers-Broncos game and once again I’m giving the win to experience and I think the Broncos will be victorious.  Lastly for Sunday we have our Sunday night game with the Ravens taking on the Steelers. With Big Ben out I think the Steelers may be dead in the water. I think Flacco is going to take this time to shine and pick up another win for the Ravens.

Monday night is going to be the game of the week though when the Bears head to San Fransisco for Monday Night Football. I have to give credit to the Niners they have been playing pretty well and although the Bears have a great defense their offense is hurting and quite literally Cutler being taken out of the game last week. I think the 49ers are going to get another win at home this Monday.

Dolphins Bills
Carinals Falcons
Browns Cowboys
Packers Lions
Bengals Chiefs
Jets Rams
Colts Patriots
Eagles Redskins
Buccaneers Panthers
Jaguars Texans
Saints Raiders
Chargers Broncos
Ravens Steelers
Bears              49ers

Last Week: 5/14

Overall: 68/119(missed Week 8)

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