By Kelli Green

An innocent bike ride takes a planned run off their course. Plus if you’re looking for the right card this holiday season, we have one for you, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny.


The Heaton Harriers Memorial 10K got off track when 530 runners followed a random biker that rode through the park where the race was held. The mix up was explained by saying the run thought the biker was a race official because of his fluorescent clothing. The real officials quickily got everyone back on track and restarted the race. The club’s chairman said the confusion didn’t seem to ruin anyone’s fun. In fact the runners seemed to “take it all in good heart”.


A greeting card company is coming out with an expensive card for Christmas. It’s called “Gilded Age Greetings” and has an ornament pictured on the front with real emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Plus the ornament is real 23 carat gold! The card get sent with a pair of white gloves, so the receipient can handle it properly. Sound like a good card for someone you know? It’ll cost you $5,000!

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