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Randy Travis Is Sober And Making New Music

It’s been a long, hard ride lately for Randy Travis.

He was arrested for driving drunk on more than one occasion this year, not to mention fighting a man in a church parking lot.

Now, however, he’s allegedly cleaning up his act.

That’s right, Randy Travis is sober. Or, at least, that’s what his lawyer Larry Friedman told TMZ.

“[He’s] eliminated alcohol from his daily life,” Friedman is quoted as saying.

Making a complete 180, Randy is ready to get back in the game.

“[Randy] works out 3 hours every day and is in the best shape of his life,” said Friedman. “He has a high protein diet and takes a lot of vitamins.”

One other positive sign that Randy’s life might be turning around was his recent CMT Crossroads special with the Avett Brothers. During the segment they talk about music and play songs from each of their catalogs, and Randy is in fine voice.

Along with nixing the booze and getting in shape, the singer has some live dates on his agenda this month. And he’s allegedly even been in the recording studio again, according to Friedman. There’s no official word yet of a new album, but after the year Randy has had, he’s certainly got plenty of material to work with.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local/Sacramento

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