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Frogman Scott’s Naked And New Music Review – Randy Rogers Band “One More Sad Song”


Hi there! I’m Frogman Scott. Not only am I part of the “Frogmen in the Morning Show,” I’m also the music director here at K-FROG.

Welcome to Naked & New, this is the time when we can get together and talk about some music that you might not hear otherwise. You know, I am a Texan. I was born and raised in the Lone Star State until I moved to California, so I’m very proud of my roots there.

But some things I don’t get about the Lone Star State, like the band we’re gonna talk about today on New Music Tuesday.

We’re gonna talk about the Randy Rogers Band. Now these guys are huge in the state of Texas, they can sell 5000 sometimes 10,000 seats for some of their shows.  Yet when you get outside of of the state of Texas maybe even any further North than Southern Oklahoma, nobody’s heard of them. Their roots go back to the early 2000’s when they were selling cassettes in dance halls. Some record labels heard about them and then sign them. Now they have a national deal and they (the label) tried to push them outside of the state of  Texas (but) no luck yet.

To be honest with you this song didn’t grab me. This wasn’t the one to break them nationally. But what do you think about this? It’s called “One More Sad Song” it’s the Randy Roger’s Band and I want you to listen below right here:

Give this a listen, give the video a look and then give us some feedback. Are the other 49 states missing something or is there something in the water in the state of Texas where they just love the Randy Rogers Band?

Michael Trobisch / K-FROG 95.1

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