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The Frogmen’s Hollywood Cheese: Blake Shelton’s New Year’s Resolution And Ann Curry Wants Out Of Contract


Blake Shelton is kicking off the new year with a new resolution. Ann Curry is also hoping to make some changes in 2013 too.


Blake Shelton shared his New Year’s Resolution with “Us Weekly” telling them that he wants to “work on being a less controversial tweeter” in 2013. Shelton is unknown for his crazy remarks on Twitter and has raised some eyebrows over the last couple of years. Most recently Shelton took some flack over his tweets about the Connecticut school shooting which he acknowledged and admitted he could have used better words. He also is always on the radar of PETA especially after a tweet about running down a turtle last summer.


Ann Curry has formally asked NBC to release her from her contract. RadarOnline is reporting that she has made this request in order to take a job at CNN. Last summer Curry was demoted by NBC after ratings began to slip. RadarOnline quotes an unnamed source saying, “She has formally asked her attorney to explore exit options from the network. However, NBC bosses have indicated they are unwilling to release Ann from the contract.”  Reportedly Curry’s contract has a clause which prohibits her from working at a competing news outlet for 2 years if she quits.

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