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Dierks Bentley Uses Social Media To Help Find His Dog Jake

Call it a miracle, or call it luck. Or call it the power of social media. Either way, Dierks Bentley is now reunited with his dog Jake thanks in part to Facebook and Twitter.

Last night, a series of thunderstorms came through Nashville, and during the hullabaloo, Jake apparently got nervous and jumped a fence.

Dierks posted note to Facebook and Twitter last night, asking friends and fans for any help they could provide.

Word spread fast–his initial Facebook post garnered over 2300 comments, while his Twitter message was retweeted more than 1600 times. Quite a few people joined in the search last night, too, including apparently Mike Dungan, the head of his record label.

Jake was eventually found, and as Dierks noted, it was thanks in part to all the social media messaging.

A happy Dierks reunited with Jake:

All’s well, then, that ends well.

Dierks thanked all the people who helped spread the word about Jake, and he wasn’t afraid to show a little emotion about the matter, either. “Grown men don’t cry…yeah right.”

Jake, by the way, has been featured in a handful of Dierks’ music videos, including “What Was I Thinking.”

– Kurt Wolff,

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