By Kelli Green

If you’re in Minnesota and under the influence, don’t drive hop on a Segway instead. Plus a roman artifact is now believe to be toilet paper.


The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled that riders can not get a DWI on a Segway. The Segway is a battery powers, self balancing, two wheeled machine, which means it’s not a vehicle and therefore inebriated riders would not be charged with a DWI. The issue came to court as a result of Segway rider Mark Greenman being charged with a DWI after stopped by police with a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit.


At a Paris University Museum they have had ancient Roman artifacts on display for years, including round, smooth ceramic discs. Archeologists thought the 4 inch diameter discs were gaming pieces, but now they’ve learned the discs were actually used to wipe their butts. The curator of the museum thought the discs were gaming pieces, so nobody questioned his thoughts, but now it turns out they were actually Roman toilet paper.

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