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Brantley Gilbert Answers Seven Questions About His Fiance Jana Kramer

On his brief radio tour to the West Coast, Brantley Gilbert stopped by at KFRG 95.1. Thanks to our charming radio personalities, Heather Froglear and Kelli Green, he was kind enough to be the guest on our installment of “Artist Admissions.” Here are the seven questions Heather and Kelli “grilled” him with.

Question 1: Why did you pick the Ryman to propose to Jana Kramer?

“We always said if it weren’t for country music we never would have met. We met at the CMT Awards June 6th (2011) and I was actually going to propose to her on June 6th and I told my mom about it and she let me in in a little information. She and my dad got divorced and they got married on June 6th and it’s also doomsday and so i decided not to do it (on that day.)  He goes on explaining that even though “he couldn’t wait” he knew it was the right place because of his sentimental connection with the Johnny Cash and June Carter story and the fact that they met there for the first time.

Question 2: When you and Jana fight who usually starts the argument?

“You know, we really don’t argue (or)  fight that much. Most of the time it’s over the schedule. We look over our schedules and its a nightmare. We try to get both our managements on the same team and carve out the days for us. But if we didn’t plan three months ahead and mark out these days, we’d be completely  booked up. So that’s a little bit stressful and we get frustrated about that. (…)  She’s constantly checking me and making sure i’m putting in the same effort.”

Question 3: Who’s the better driver between the two of you?


“She is! Well, I’m a great driver, but i drive really fast and it makes her really nervous. First time I drove with her in Georgia I thought she’s gonna have a panic attack.”

Brantley goes on describing an event towards the beginning of their relationship. “There’s a turn right before you get to our Georgia house (and) usually there’s a straight-away right after it (so) I floor it about a 110 mph (and) you have to take that turn kinda wide. So there is this minivan coming, which never happens; there is never anybody on this road.”

According to Brantley, Jana knew what’s coming  “We had a couple passengers with us warning her: ” ‘Girl buckle your seat belt, he’s about to do something crazy.’ So she thought part of the whole deal is running people off the road, because I was on that (wrong) side of the road” Imitating her voice, Brantley recalls her response: “I just don’t know. Are you the kind of person to run a family off the road? (laughter) No darling that was an accident. ”

Question 4: Who takes longer to get ready?

“Definitely she does.” Kelli is doubtful about this response because of the amount of jewelry Brantley is wearing. He assured her that “Even with all the jewelry, it doesn’t take that long (…) and I don’t really have that much of a difference in wardrobe as you can tell: black hat, black t-shirt and black jeans.”

Quiestion 5: Who’s the messier one of the two of you?

Brantley quickly points out that “Definitely, she is.” He goes on explaining that “he’s OCD” and that recently Laura Bell Bundy came over to inspect their closet for one of her shows. There are instances when Jana calls Brantley before she leaves the house. “She will literally call me when I’m on the road (…) on my way back  and if she didn’t get a chance (to clean up) she’ll would say things like: ‘Baby I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to straighten up my closet (…) and sorry I didn’t make the bed.” Brantley described the impression when you look at their closet, compared to Jana’s colorful side, on his side “everything just goes black.”

Question 6: You were recently on Nashville and she was on One Tree Hill, who’s the better actor? 

Brantley: “Oh no question there. She is!” He goes on explaining that being on Nashville wasn’t that difficult considering that he played himself.  He explains: ” I kinda cheated, you know? I know that guy. (…) A lot of people ask me (in reference to our recent TV appearances) if we’re going to do the acting thing. I usually say that i’m open to it, especially if there is a part that really strikes me (…) but music is my priority, it has been and always will be.”

Question 7: Who is going to win the next award first? 

After a short pause of reflection he remarks: “It doesn’t really matter, because it’s going to come back to the same house anyway.”

After congratulating him to his engagement and his recent success, the girls thanked him for being a trooper and made sure he knew that he was welcome back any time.

– Written, Shot and Edited by Michael Trobisch (K-Frog 95.1)

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