After hearing sirens constantly for approximately 30 minutes on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 12th, local resident Brad Bischoff headed to the roadside of Highway 38 just East of Mentone, CA to see what was going on.  What he captured on video here turned out to be a MASSIVE response from local law enforcement to the news that San Bernardino County Sheriff Deputies had engaged a suspect believed to be Christopher Dorner in a shootout that resulted in the death of one deputy and serious injury of a second.  He was standing approximately twenty miles from the cabin in Seven Oaks where authorities where engaged in a gunfight with the suspect.

Watch the video here:

Agencies responding to the event included San Bernardino County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol, Redlands Police, San Bernardino Police, Riverside County Sheriff, Riverside Police, Fontana Police, Rialto Police, San Bernardino County Fire, National Forest Service, California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, and many more.  Units included SWAT units, several unmarked vehicles and a bomb squad.  Multiple law enforcement helicopters and fixed wing aircraft were seen above the scene as well, with the L.A.P.D. offering additional support from San Bernardino International Airport.

Bischoff estimates between 150 and 200 law enforcement vehicles passed from the first he heard shortly after 12pm.

Christopher Dorner was already the subject of the largest manhunt in L.A.P.D. history, and had already allegedly killed a young couple in Irvine and a Riverside police officer.

Equally impressive was the rapid and overwhelming response from local media as vehicles from every major Southern California television news station headed up the highway until they were stopped at the intersection of Highway 38 and Bryant where California Highway Patrol had placed a roadblock denying any further access.  This was the same spot many of these same media were reporting from just days ago following a deadly bus crash on this same highway.

Read the account of the events as they happened

Dorner’s ID Found With Charred Body In Cabin

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