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The Frogmen’s Stupid News: Smartest Person Ever And Homeless Man Living In Tomb

Einstein and Bill Gates move over, because a 16 year old girl could be the smartest person ever. Plus a homeless man finds a unique home.


A 16 year old student in England could be the smartest person ever. Lauren Marbe just took her IQ test and scored a remarkable 161, which is  estimated to be higher than Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates. Lauren said her teachers thought she was smart, but they probably dismissed her, because she’s a blonde.


Desperate times call for drastic measures, which is why Bratislav Stojanovic decided to move into a tomb. The 43 year old man who is homeless said he was tired of being robbed by other homeless people, so he decided to move underground. He has been living in the tomb for the past 15 years. He said he was afraid of the graveyard at first, but he’s gotten used to it.

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