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Frogman Scott’s Naked And New Music Review – Sarah Darling “Home To Me”

Transcript: Hi there! I’m Frogman Scott. Not only am I part of the “Frogmen in the Morning Show,” I’m also the music director here at K-FROG.

Welcome to “Naked And New”, this is the time when we can get together and talk about some music that you might not hear otherwise.

Today we have Sarah Darling’s “Home To Me” to tell you all about. Sarah has been building her fan base since about 2009, when she put out her first song. She’s actually another graduate from the ranks of reality TV. In case you don’t remember, she was on a show called “The Entertainer” hosted by Wayne Newton  was looking for the next Vegas act and Sarah finished in the last top 3. After her last episode Wayne recommended to try her luck in Nashville saying “you got what it takes to make it in Country Music” so Sarah has been building her story ever since then.

Her new song is also on a new EP with the same title “Home To Me.” You can find that online and download it like so many of you. She has sold 80,000 downloads, which is more than half the songs in the  top 10 in the music chart right now. Of course this has been supported by the fact the Sarah had a couple of appearances on the Bachelor this season and quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back for the grand finale.

So please check out her official music video right here:

This is Sarah Darling’s “Home To Me”

On a sidenote: I was most excited about one of the co-stars in this little video, that makes it’s first appearance at 25 seconds in to the clip. It’s an actual glass Sprite bottle. I haven’t seen one of those in years! Thanks for checking it out and tune in again at the next episode of Naked And New Music Review.

Michael Trobisch / K-FROG 95.1

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