Josh Turner wrote eight of the twelve tracks on his 2012 release Punching Bag in his hand-build writer’s cottage. In an interview with he explained just why he won’t be calling it his man cave.

“A lot of people call it a man cave but I don’t really refer to it as that. It’s not a place that I go to hang out with my buddies and all that,” he said. “There’s no TV in there, there’s no phone in there, there’s no Wi-Fi.”

Turner explained that it’s a place he just goes to write and that’s where all his music needs are kept.

“I built it specifically for the purpose of writing and creating and just being inspired. It’s definitely been that place,” he said. “Those eight songs that ended up on the record, they were all written right there in the writer’s cottage. It was very fulfilling for me because it was a challenge to build this place. It took me two full years to build it from start to finish.”

Turner built the cottage himself and said it’s his writing sanctuary.

“To be able to write not only by myself, but write with my co-writing buddies and write eight songs for my record in this place that I specifically built for that was a pretty fulfilling thing,” he added. “For me to know that I was not throwing my money away.”

Josh Turner isn’t the only country musician who had a specific spot dedicated to writing. While Johnny Cash’s Cash Cabin is no country music secret, Turner said he didn’t mirror his cabin after The Man In Black.

“I was not inspired by Johnny Cash’s cabin but I was fully aware of the Cash Cabin,” he said. “I think his cabin was a little more rustic and a little smaller than mine. I think his is completely out in the woods. Mine’s a little more lush and modern and a whole lot bigger.”

-Annie Reuter,

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