Transcript: Hi there! I’m Frogman Scott. Not only am I part of the “Frogmen in the Morning Show,” I’m also the music director here at K-FROG.

Welcome to “Naked And New”, this is the time when we can get together and talk about some music that you might not hear otherwise.

I was just working on my golf game because the K-FROG Cares Golf Classic is coming up soon! As always we have a couple of great performers featured as well. It’s on Friday, April 12th at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula. The actual golf part takes place at their legendary “Journey” golf course and the following concert will feature Sheryl Crow and the guy we’re featuring on today’s Naked and New: Easton Corbin! (Drink it in ladies!) Easton has a sexy video to go along with this song, I think you’re going to be amazed at the great acting job his doing (or perhaps he’s not acting.) This track is the title song for his new album “All Over The Road.” We are so excited to hear Easton perform this one at the upcoming concert. He is at the point of his career where his star is just growing and in case you’re attending you will be able to say that you were there when he opened for Sheryl Crow.

So please check out his official music video right here and leave us some feedback:

Michael Trobisch / K-FROG 95.1

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