By Kelli Green


‘The Voice’ is going to be a little different this season with some new judges. Blake Shelton talks about him leaving ‘The Voice’. Plus Stevie Nicks gives advice on cocaine usage.


Stevie Nicks gave some candid advice about cocaine on Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class. She talked about spending a fortune on coke and insisted that rehab alone will cost $50,000. “My only advice to anybody who is watching me talk right now is to say, ‘Save your money, because it’s gonna cost you $50,000 to go to rehab… You will have to go or you will die.'” She also talked about how she hates the fact that she looks permanently high in all her old photos. “Everybody else thought you looked beautiful but that’s because everybody else was stoned. You didn’t look beautiful; you looked high.”


Tonight (March 25th) is the return of ‘The Voice’. There will be a bit of a change with the judges on this season. Blake Shelton will be back along with his bromance partner Adam Levine. As for Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, they will be taking the season off, but Shakira and Usher will be filling in. Blake talked about leaving ‘The Voice’ and said, Something’s gotta give at some point, you know? I mean, I got to get back to what I love the most which is performing live. That’s the reason I got into this business, but I also don’t want to look back one day and go ‘Man I wish I’d have tried this or that'”. He also talked about leaving ‘The Voice’ and said, “I can’t imagine me ever sitting out a season. I think I’m gonna either keep doing it or not. I don’t see me ever walking away and then coming back. That just doesn’t make sense to me.I think it’s a phase and once that chapter’s over it’s over.”

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