Welcoming Joe Nichols for his very first time performing at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival, The Frogmen sat down for a quick chat following his set on the Mane Stage.

Like the other artists, we had to ask him about the  heat this afternoon.  “I live in Texas, so I’m kind of used to it.”

The weather has been a bit different than what he sings about in his song ‘Sunny & 75’. “It doesn’t sound like anything I’ve done before.”

Something else we haven’t seen before was his performance of ‘Baby Got Back’ as a shuffle.  “We like to change it up a little bit.  I like to include all of my influences… including Sir Mix-A-Lot.”

Next up came the difficult questions about country legend George Jones passing today.  “It hit me like a truck. I couldn’t believe it.  It’s the end of something special to me.  I’ll be sad about it for I don’t know how long.  It’s a sad day for all of music.”

In happier news, he chatted about his daughter’s first birthday.  “She had her own little smash cake. At first she picked at it, and then she just smashed her face in it.  I dance with her and I sing to her all the time.  I love to siong ‘From Here to the Moon and Back’ from Dolly Parton.

He doesn’t always feel like the best dad though.  He explained how heart breaking it is to see her get hurt.  “She gets this look on her face like ‘Why would you let me do that?!?'”

The Frogmen also put Joe on the spot about singing at Kelli Green’s wedding in September.  “I have no idea if I’m available, but that’s near my wife & I’s anniversary.  It’s a great time to get married.  Our first dance was ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ by Roberta Flack.”

Take a listen to Joe Nichol’s full interview below:

The Arkansas native, Joe Nichols, was raised in a household whose father had a passion for country music and played in local bands.

Joe Nichols’ number one singles include “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” in 2005 and “Gimme That Girl” in 2010.

Please use caution when drinking any tequila on Friday night after Joe Nichols’ performance because we want you to keep your clothes on!

Brought to you from the K-FROG McMahon’s RV Digital Headquarters onsite at Stagecoach.  Watch our Facebook & Twitter for updates!

mcmahons Stagecoach 2013 Set Times Released!

-Sierra Dallas KFRG 95.1/Riverside

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