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Stagecoach Country Music Festival 2013 Interview with Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose is a new and upcoming artist that is joining Stagecoach for her first time. She is from Potomac, Maryland and used to go by the name Margaret Durante as her initial stage name but later changed it to Maggie Rose.

Under a lot of pressure to open Stagecoach in front of thousands, Maggie spoke about what it was like to perform in the afternoon sun.  “The view of the ferris wheel and mountains was beautiful, so that was a good distraction.”

She also talked about being distracted by what goes on in the audience, particularly what some people were wearing.  If you’ve looked at the Stagecoach Photo Galleries, you’ve seen the “bikinis and cowboy hats” she mentioned to us.

The Frogmen also had to ask about the upsetting news of George Jones’ passing, and like most others in the world of country, she had mixed feelings.  “I was very excited about this event, but I also wanted to be respectful of what happened.  George was responsible for making this genre better.”

“I think the song “Better” would be a great tribute to him”

From there, Maggie went on to give Frogman Scott a hard time about a “Tramp Stamp” she keeps promising to give him, but he escaped without a tattoo once again.

As a final question, The Frogmen put Maggie on the spot by asking if she and her band would be the wedding band for Kelli Green’s upcoming wedding.  While she did say we’d have to chat with her agent about scheduling, she did say that “It would be a lot of fun.  We could play all the classics like ‘Shout’.”

Listen to Maggie Rose’s full interview below:

In 2008, Maggie Rose released a single with Kings of Leon called “Use Somebody” which later won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year. In 2010 Rose released a song called “Mississippi’s Crying” and landed a spot on the Country Charts.

Maggie Rose is an upcoming artist that has a great road ahead of her. Click the play button below to watch the full interview to see Maggie Rose and what her plans are for the year of 2013.

Brought to you from the K-FROG McMahon’s RV Digital Headquarters onsite at Stagecoach.  Watch our Facebook & Twitter for updates!

mcmahons Stagecoach 2013 Set Times Released!

-Sierra Dallas KFRG 95.1/Riverside

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