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Stagecoach Country Music Festival 2013 Interview with Phil Vassar

Phil Vassar stepped out of the afternoon sun at Stagecoach to chat with the Frogmen, and he was happy to be here.

“It’s hot, but there’s also an interesting smell.  A lot of skunks out here in the desert.  I love California, man.  I like it hot.  I love it. I’d rather take a beating than be cold.”

Next, we asked what we can expect from the show later today.  “We don’t have a set list.  We haven’t for years.  No, we just wing it.  It’s really fun.”

He also hinted at a possible tribute to George Jones.  “He was one of our buddies and such a great guy.  Definitely THE best country voice.  If you listen to him sing, you’ll never have to listen to anyone else.”

Watch highlights of the interview here:

Frogman Scott was curious about how Phil writes his songs, and he decided to share the origins of his song ‘Love Is Alive’.  “I kinda wrote it as a rap.  I was like Tupac.  I was just groovin’ it out.  We just kind of barf out all these lyrics.  Then we have to consolidate the song to 3 minutes so it isn’t like ‘War & Peace’.”

Vassar is also famous for his antics on stage involving his pianos.  He likes to stand on them and dance, so he needs special pianos that are reinforced.  Because of this, he owns many of them.  “I don’t even know what piano I’m playing tonight.”

Sometimes he has to make due with whatever piano is at the venue, but it doesn’t stop him from doing his normal act.  “One time I was jumping on this piano, and this guy was like ‘That’s my piano’, and I was like ‘whatever, man!'”

Phil Vassar is not only famous for being a talented singer in the music business, but he is also known for being a brilliant songwriter. He has co-written songs for Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson, many of which have reached the spot of a number one single. Vassar was even awarded Songwriter of the Year in 1999 by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for the song “Bye, Bye” sung by Jo Dee Messina.

Phil Vassar is returning to Stagecoach for the second time and it will be just another day in paradise.

Brought to you from the K-FROG McMahon’s RV Digital Headquarters onsite at Stagecoach.  Watch our Facebook & Twitter for updates!

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