By Heather Froglear

What is the infatuation with Luke Bryan’s butt these days? Never has a derriere been more revered than that of Mr. Bryan. Do a Google search on “Luke Bryan’s Butt” and you will find Facebook pages dedicated to it, numerous pictures, plenty of YouTube videos featuring it, and believe it or not, Luke’s behind even has its own Twitter page!

I cannot tell you the number of times where Luke Bryan has come up in a conversation I’ve had with my girlfriends, and one of them will burst out, “Oh my God, he has such a great butt!” So ladies, I ask you, WHAT is so special about Luke’s glutes? I had to “dig” further into this matter to find out. You know, take one for the team right? I began examining every backside shot of Luke Bryan on the world wide web that I could find. (He has lovely taste in jeans by the way.) His fanny looks good, yes. He appears to be toned and in shape in that “region”, yes. But WHAT IS IT about this butt????

It didn’t deliver the royal baby, it hasn’t won a Nobel Peace Prize (although many of my lady friends feel that it should BE a contender), and it’s never had to “keep up with a Kardashian”. I’ve heard rumors though, that Luke DOES have his wife’s initials on one of his cheeks, but I digress.

Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter if I get to the “bottom” of this “Head Trip”. The fact is, Luke Bryan is amazingly talented, adorably charming, and a darn good country singer, husband and father.

And then I stumbled across THIS…

I get it now Ladies. *faints*

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