By Kelli Green

Charlie Sheen is definitely seen in the media as being crazy, but his co-star and country singer Laura Bell Bundy is defending his actions. Plus Macaulay Culkin’s band had a run of bad shows.


Country singer and ‘Anger Management’ co-star Laura Bell Bundy says Charlie Sheen is misunderstood. She recently told Fox News, “One of the things that has gotten him in trouble but probably the most endearing thing about him is he is the most honest person I have ever met, and when someone is that honest they’re going to piss somebody off.” Laura says he is very “professional” and “cares about his work. He’s a really great actor, and for multi-camera format his comedic timing, it’s dead on.”


Macaulay Culkin just did a couple shows with his band The Pizza Underground in the UK and unfortunately they didn’t go so well. The band performed at Zoo in Manchester when Culkin was interrupted during his kazoo solo and walked off stage. He was interrupted by another member of the band, but it was enough for Culkin to call it quits on the show. He did however come back out later to finish the performance, but that too was cut short when fans took over the stage. They also performed at the Dot to Dot festival in Nottingham where the crowd was not so nice. They threw beers and booed Culkin’s band. According to the Nottingham Post Culkin tried to plead with the audience, “Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them.” That show also was cut short after Culkin was hit with 2 beers.

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