Now that we’ve learned more about the nuptials that took place between Hip Hop star Kanye West  and American reality star Kim Kardashian, we asked: What’s the worst wedding speech you’ve heard?

Here’s what you told us:

1. “At my wedding the best man made a comment about when both he and my husband get divorced they get an apartment together. Crickets filled the room.”

2. “I gave the maid of honor speech at my sisters wedding and I was very drunk and I started talking about when she started her menstrual cycle. The wedding video is hilarious!”

3. “I went to a wedding where the best man proposed to his girlfriend during his speech.”

4. “My best friend’s husband mentioned on his speech that he slept with one of the bridesmaids.”

5. “A friend’s brother in law told everyone that the bride was NOT a Virgin… The mother of the bride started crying!”

Which is your favorite response? Tell us your wedding speech horror stories. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page

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pixy What’s The Worst Wedding Speech You’ve Heard? Our Favorite Responses From This Morning

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