As we begin the mad-dash to the final week before Christmas, perhaps you’re stressing about what to get your co-workers.

A recent poll from CareerBuilder suggests that 20% of employees plan to buy a co-worker a gift this year, and most will spend less than $25 on that gift.

What can you buy a co-worker for $25?  Not much these days, but I’ve come up with a few suggestions for you.

Here, I’ve compiled a Top 10 List of Christmas Gifts For Co-Workers.  I might have taken my own informal poll here around the K-Frog studios as well.

Some of these items may score points with the bossman and some may, well, say just the right thing to those co-workers you wish would take a long leave of absence.

Just saying.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Co-Workers:

10)  Lawn Darts (for those less-than-stellar work complainers)

9)  Case of Top Ramen (the go-to “I don’t have time to eat lunch right now” friends)

8)  Soap On A Rope (for the co-workers that look like they just rolled out bed and came to work)

7)  Fire Extinguisher (generally reserved for the Boss who enjoys putting out fires)

6)  Starbucks Gift Card (one-word:  coffee!)

5)  COSTCO-sized box of Uncrustables (for those afternoon snackers who are always hungry)

4)  Snuggie (for the friend that’s always cold in the office)

3)  Chia Pet (Chia SpongeBob is a bonus.)

2)  Hickory Farms Summer Sausage and Cheese basket (for those co-workers close to retirement)

1)  ANY of the As-Seen-On-TV gifts (because who doesn’t want a bottle of “Tag-Away” skin tag remover?)

So, now you have a great gauge to go by for shopping for that hard-to-buy-for peer.  Hoppy shopping!



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