By Christy McLeap

Yay! It’s Christmas ūüôā sometimes I honestly think I’m more excited about the holidays¬†than my own children are. I love giving gifts. Especially unique and different presents that are not at all like your normal video game, action figure or doll toy. Toys that inspire creativity.

I’ve searched the internet and have found some super cool, unique gift ideas.¬†Not only are these gifts a little different they also appear to be a ton of fun!

So, how did I narrow down the top 10? These are in the order of what my inner 10-year-old child thinks would be awesome to get as presents. And honestly I think some of these would even be fun to get as an adult!

10.  Spooner Board

9.   Teeter Popper

8.    Kinetic Sand

7.    Chalktrail

6.    Duct Tape Tote

5.    Paradox Box

4.    Wheel Brightz

3.    The Book of Impossible Objects

2.    Perplexus

1.   HexBug Nano V2 РHurricane Set



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