By Christy McLeap

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Are you someone who likes to get unique gifts for the holidays? I am. I love handmade presents and presents that are something I’d never think of buying for myself.

Once again I’ve scoured the web to find an array of unique gifts for us ladies. From tech stuff to sweet memory items, I believe you’ll find something that’s different and special for every woman you know.

Being a mom I think #2 will come in extremely handy for me! 😀

10.   Wireless Eye Massager

9.   Telescope Selfie Snapper

8.   Jewelry Steam Cleaner

7.   Memento Globe Locket

6.   Define Bottle

5.   Hand Massager

4.   App Controlled Cocktail Coach

3.   Origami Owl Locket

2.   Bluetooth Talking Gloves

1.   Seasons Terrarium Necklaces



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