By Pepper

We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas Day, which means the pressure’s on to finish Christmas shopping and wrapping guests. Here are some country stars who admit they are terrible at Christmas:

Luke Bryan is definitely guilty of being a last-minute shopper. “I am always running to the mall on Christmas Eve,” the “I See You” singer admits.

Tucker Beathard is in the same boat. “I usually do it all on Christmas Eve, and unfortunately, recently, I’ve been kind of falling back on the whole ‘just get ‘em a gift card to somewhere’ idea. But I do like the idea of giving something that’s like meaningful and you connect with them with, but I’d be lying if I said I was that great at it now.”

Meanwhile, Brantley Gilbert proclaims himself “The worst Christmas shopper on the planet,” in a release from the Big Machine Label Group. “I don’t shop very well at all,” he says. “Like, I look hard for my mom and my dad and my little brother, and as many biker brothers as I can… and the guys in my organization. Other than that, man, it’s gift cards all the way.”

However, Neil Mason of The Cadillac Three says he works best under pressure. “I’ll usually be shopping between December 21st and 24th, but I really do love buying for my family and trying to come up with things that I know they’ll be excited about or that they won’t be expecting.”

And how about once the gifts are finally bought? “I’m probably the worst present wrapper in the entire world,” continues Neil. “It always comes out looking like somebody just took a bunch of paper and crumpled it up around whatever it is that I’m giving them. But it’s part of my charm, I guess!”

Darius Rucker’s found a work-around to his lack of gift-wrapping abilities. “I buy it, and go, ‘Honey, wrap this!’,” he says (in reference to his wife). “I don’t wrap, and it definitely doesn’t look like Dillard’s [wrapping]. It would be frumpy, is what it would be!”

Here’s hoping you have a successful Christmas!


Source: Capitol Records Nashville, Big Machine Label Group

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