By Jackson Dodd

Some Christmas songs are absolutely the worst! Our air staff weighs in on the Christmas songs they hate the most.

Whether it’s those songs crooning about love or those talking about death, here are the songs that our team absolutely cannot stand:

Nighttime host Pepper says she hates “Frosty The Snowman” the most: “Because he dies at the end! My friend tried to tell me ‘but he’ll be back again some day… Like Jesus!’ But I really don’t think Frosty is supposed to be an allegory for The Gospel.”

Scott Ward from the Morning Show says his least favorite is “‘Last Christmas.’ The guy got dumped the day after Christmas so he’s going out for a little grudge-fling with ‘someone special.’ This is the dysfunctional couples holiday anthem!

Kelli Green says her absolute worst Christmas song is “The Christmas Shoes.” She says: “I absolutely cannot stand this song!!! Who turns a happy time like Christmas into a sad situation where a boy is buying a present for his dying mother?!?! This song is too sad for holidays and should be banned from all Christmas playlists.”

Mid-day host Christy McLeap is “so tired of ‘Hard Candy Christmas’ by Dolly Parton.”

Heather Froglear says her worst holiday song is “It’s All I want for Christmas is You” by Vince Vance & The Valiants:

Anthony Frogatelli said he finds any version of “Jingle Bells” annoying. “It was fun as a kid,” he says. 


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