By Pepper

New Year’s Eve is known for being a big party night. Unfortunately, that means that New Year’s Day is often spent with a terrible hangover. Thanks to Capitol Records Nashville, some of our favorite country artists share their remedies for hangovers, just in time for 2015.

Eric Church has two suggestions. “One is 5-Hour Energy [bottles], because of all the B-vitamins that are in it. You can start pounding those, and it’s either gonna work, or it’s gonna keep you up and prolong your misery. But the other one I have is just take two Advil and a beer in the morning. Hair of the dog, man – that works every time.”

Kacey Musgraves has some unorthodox remedies. “Coconut water is a major help with hangovers, and also, a lot of times we go and eat Vietnamese fuh. It’s a soup, and it’s got this awesome broth. You can get different things in it or whatever, but….it’s almost like a chicken noodle soup kind of an idea, but it’s good. That’s good for hangovers, too. That, sleep, Tylenol, coconut water, and just water in general. And when you’re drinking, have your alcohol, drink a little bit of water, drink some more alcohol, drink some water. Yup!”

Jon Pardi says he cures hangovers with…alcohol. “My hangover cure is Bloody Marys, but be careful, because once you have a couple, don’t go to beer. Because if you go to beer, you’re gonna start drinking again, and you end up a morning drunk. Or….if you want to go the non-alcoholic route, there’s nothing you can do for hangovers. You just go deal with it.” (What else would you expect from a guy who’s current single is called “When I’ve Been Drinking”?)

Kip Moore’s advice is perhaps a little more practical: “Pace yourself on New Year’s. That’s the remedy. Pace yourself.”

Canaan Smith says there is no hangover cure. “The older I get, I’m like, ‘What am I thinking?’ It’s terrible. Hangovers are awful. Tequila’s the worst. I try to stay away from Tequila, because it hurts me bad. I used to be a whiskey guy, but of late, I’m just domestic American beer – something light and tasty. Shots are my worst enemy. When I start working shots into the picture, that’s when I know I’m gonna hurt the next morning. I just try to keep it the same, whether it’s whiskey or beer or whatever. I just stick with that same drink the whole night long.”

Dierks Bentley agrees that there’s just no real cure for a hangover. “I think January First is universally accepted as a dog. Water and stay on the couch, I guess. There’s no real sure-fire cure for that.”

Do you have a hangover remedy? Let us know in the comments below, and Happy 2015!


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