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Blake Shelton Brings Nice Country Jokes & ‘Neon Light’ to ‘Saturday Night Live’

By Shannon Carlin

Blake Shelton had the esteemed honor of not only performing on Saturday Night Live this week, but hosting, too. Showing he’s certainly got some impressive comic timing. How ’bout them apples, Adam Levine?

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Shelton’s monologue had him explaining who he is to those who don’t know. Hello, The Voice? But, according to Shelton, he’s basically the “Justin Bieber of country music, just a little trouble making cutie.”

Then he decided to turn SNL into an episode of Hee Haw where he hoped to tell “nice country jokes.” Those jokes ended up being about how bad Miranda Lambert‘s cooking is and how dumb his grandpa is.

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Shelton got to have fun with the Bachelor sketch Farm Hunk, where he gets stuck with a lot of women who are from Hollywood and have done porn. One even brought her own macaw, which she said was like her, “unpredictable in a bad way.”

Of course, there’s the girl who’s really messed up over her dad’s death and has a serious disease and was a weightlifting baby who was kidnapped. And, of course, that’s the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Wearing a blonde goatee and a cowboy hat, Shelton sang about the “Wishin’ Boot,” the little black boot that makes your dreams come true. This boot will bring you food when you’re hungry and get you out of jail after you get arrested for prostitution. Watch out for that fake boot that tries to stab you though. We really hope this is Shelton’s next single.



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