By Heather Froglear

If you walked down the street right now and posed the question to an innocent bystander, “Who gave the best National Anthem performance of all time at a Super Bowl?”, you’d hear this list below, guaranteed.

I did an impromptu survey here around the office this week, as I predicted, the names Whitney, Carrie, Jennifer and Faith we uttered repeatedly.

So in honor of Super Bowl 51 airing this Sunday, here’s my Top 5 picks (surprisingly all women) of the best Super Bowl National Anthem Performances EVER.


#5:  Cher – 1999



#4:  Faith Hill – 2000



#3:  Jennifer Hudson – 2009



#2:  Carrie Underwood – 2007 – The only one on our list who actually sang it LIVE.



#1:  Whitney Houston – 1991 – One word:  Breathtaking.



What do you think?  Did we miss any amazing performances of Super Bowl’s past?  Let us know!


→ Heather is the Morning Show Co-Host on CBS Radio Stations KFRG 95.1 FM Riverside & KXFG 92.9 FM Temecula. Follow Heather on Twitter: @KFRGHeather

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