By Kelli Green

Hallmark holiday or not, it’s required to get your partner a gift. Here’s a little guide for some do’s and don’t of Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Here are gifts NOT to give your woman:

5. Lotions

No matter how pretty it smells, this is a cop out and insincere gift. Instead try giving her massage oils. Your addition of a rub down is optional, but encouraged.

4. Chocolates

Yes, every woman loves chocolate, but it needs to be paired with something. A solid heart of chocolate is a lame gift and so kindergarten. Instead pair up some fancy chocolates with a nice bottle of wine. Of course throw some flowers in the bunch are you’re golden.

3. “Love Coupons”

Please I shouldn’t have to turn in coupons to get some “love”. This is a cheap way to escape the holiday. Instead splurge for a spa day for your favorite girl. Hook her up with a massage or facial or better yet, both!

2. Lingerie

Honestly men, this is a gift for you. You get to see it and the after effect of it. Instead buy her a sexy pair of heels. Red or leopard and tall. I’m talking some sexy stilettos. Check her closet to get her shoe size. Don’t guess.

1. An Engagement Ring

Yes, every girl wants “the ring”, but on Valentine’s day it’s almost like you’re trying to get a two-fer. Let me explain, you’re going to buy the ring no matter what. So if you give it to her on a day she’s expect a gift, it’s almost like you’re getting away with not buying anything. Here’s what I suggest: Buy her a smaller jewelry item like a bracelet or some earrings. This will also throw her off if she’s expecting the ring.


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