By Anthony Donatelli

As we pass the halfway mark of the fall season, it’s time to slow down and admire the beautiful colors that are all around us this time of year. Now sure, we can walk outside and look at our neighborhood trees, but where are the best places to see all of the fall foliage?

Here are a few places you should take advantage of:

High in the San Bernardino National Forest, Lake Arrowhead displays a beautiful array of leaves that turn golden for the fall season. Head over to the Alpine Village and take in the scenery as you take in the sweet aroma of cinnamon from the freshly baked apple pies being baked in town. Lake Arrowhead is sure to satisfy your autumn craving.

Big Bear
Big Bear Lake is ideal for those who are looking to see Mother Nature transform a town into a sea of gold, crimson, amber and yellow. Thousands of evergreen trees, like aspens, cottonwoods, and oaks, will leave you speechless as you gaze over those spectacular autumn hues. With a splendid display of colors on the mountain, Big Bear is without a doubt one of the best places to see fall colors in all of Southern California.

The historic gold mining town of Julian, just east of San Diego, will leave you richly rewarded with fall colors in every direction you look. You are bound to see lots of red, gold and yellow among its oaks and apple orchards. Julian offers visitors a perfect place to relax and take in the changing of the seasons by experiencing some of the most beautiful and vibrant fall colors found in Southern California.

Oak Glen
Take a trip to the Wildlands Conservancy’s Oak Glen Preserve in Oak Glen and take in the autumn colors from the California box elders, sycamores and Kellogg oaks. The Oak Glen Preserve is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and offers various trails, which will take you on a set of wonderful hikes where you can gain a better glimpse of the colors.

Stoddar Peak
Located right below Mount Baldy, Stoddar Peak is a breath of fresh air and a real treat to see some of the most gorgeous fall colors. With some of the nicest views in Southern California, the autumn colors surround you as you take the 6 mile hike just under 1,000 feet of elevation.


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