By Anthony Donatelli

One of the most amazing things about the holidays is the yummy desserts and if your favorite part about Thanksgiving is the Pumpkin Pie, then you’ll want to study this list very closely.

Here are a list of 10 of the best places to get pumpkin pie this holiday season:

I Like Pie, Claremont

Regardless if you like pie or you love it, this bakeshop in Claremont will have you drooling over their two different types of Pumpkin Pie. The first is their traditional, which features their classic old-fashioned recipe, and their pumpkin with pralines and cream, with sweetened creme cheese filling and pecan praline crumble. You can’t go wrong with either.

Polly’s Pies, Norco

Polly’s has been dishing out some of the best pies for over forty years and one of those pies is a true holiday favorite. Served with a dollop of real whipped cream, Polly’s Pumpkin Pie is one that will have you being extra thankful this holiday season.

Urth Caffe, Beverly Hills

If you’ll be in the Los Angeles area for the holidays, you’ll need to make a pit stop at Urth Caffe for their delectable Pumpkin Pie. Equipped with fresh whipped cream and hints of custard, this is one of their best holiday pies that Urth has to offer.

Corky’s Kitchen & Bakery, Corona

Nobody makes a Pumpkin Pie like Grandma Corky. Made fresh daily, Corky’s Kitchen and Bakery has the perfect pumpkin pie that features a flaky crust and the sweet pumpkin taste that you crave. You can buy a large pie or a personal pie, if you aren’t a sharer.

Costco, Corona

Bigger is better and that’s what you’ll find out with Costco’s Pumpkin Pie. Arguably one of their best holiday flavors, you’ll get a huge pie for a small price. Cut yourself a large slice after thanksgiving dinner and gobble it down.

Marie Callender’s, Riverside

When it comes to pie, Marie doesn’t play around. Grab a fork and dig into their Carmel Pecan Pumpkin Mousse Pie, a holiday pie only around for a limited time! If you don’t feel like going that crazy, you can always their legendary original pumpkin pie that will make you come back for seconds.

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Simple Things Sandwich and Pie Shop, Los Angeles

Simple Things doesn’t believe that Pumpkin Pie should only be around for the holidays and for that, we owe them a big thank you. With a brilliant mixture of classic spices and a airy filling, you’ll be incredibly satisfied with this pie year round.

Sweet Lady Jane, Los Angeles

Sweet Lady Jane has been bringing out mouth-watering pies of their oven for the past 20 years. Their signature Pumpkin Pie features a traditional trademark recipe with a hint of bourbon and the option of a plain or praline topping. Whichever topping you chose, it’s a win.

Mason Richard Cafe & French Bakery, Los Angeles

Some of the most elegant pies that you may ever lay eyes on, the pleasant bakery of Mason Richard will provide you with a Pumpkin Pie that will leave your taste buds very thankful. You’ll be the talk of the table if you bring this desert to the relatives this Thanksgiving.

27th Street Bakery Shop, Los Angeles

With one of the more unique takes on pumpkin pie, 27th Street Bakery in Los Angeles serves you the holiday treat like you’ve never had before. With a blend of their famous Sweet Potato Mix combined with a traditional Pumpkin Pie recipe, you’ll be hooked after one slice.


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