By Kelli Green

Here are some tips of food to be careful with during the holidays.

10. Alcohol

As a general rule of thumb alcohol is not good during a pregnancy. Although, some women partake in a glass of wine. I would consult with your doctor.

9. Unwashed or Raw Vegetables

It may sound like a “duh” moment, but make sure the veggies are washed properly before they’re cooked.

8. Apple Cider

It seems harmless and in most cases it is, but you need to be careful if it’s not pasteurized. You don’t want to risk the chance of E.coli.

7. Unpasteurized Cheese

There might be a nice cheese spread available, but skip the unpasteurized cheeses. Most cheeses that are sold in the U.S. are pasteurized, but if you’re weary ask before you eat.

6. Stuffing Made in the Turkey

I’m a sucker for stuffing, but make sure it’s cooked safely. When it’s cooked inside the turkey it may not reach the correct temperature. To be on the safe side cook it in a separate dish.

5. Batter With Eggs

Consuming raw eggs can be bad for anyone, but when your pregnant it’s really bad! The last thing you want to do when you have a bun in the oven is get salmonella. Just wait for the finished product.

4. Left Over Cold Turkey

Who doesn’t love leftover turkey meat the next day? Well, be careful, because much like deli meats you run the risk of Listeria.

3. Egg Nog

You know once Thanksgiving is over it’s all about Christmas. If you break out the egg nog early, skip it this year. Some egg nog contains raw eggs which could present the problem of salmonella.

2. Uncooked Turkey

This is dangerous for anyone, but especially pregnant women. Make sure your turkey is cooked all the way through.

TIP: The thickest part of the turkey should be at least 160 degrees.

1. Any Questionable Food

If someone with less than favorable hygiene is coming to Thanksgiving do yourself a favor and stay away from their food.


If this seems like a lot of nagging, but think of the bright side, you are the only one who has an excuse to wear stretchy pants. Plus next year you can have whatever you’d like and you’ll get to share it with your little one.



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