By Anthony Donatelli

One thing we’re always thankful for on Thanksgiving is the endless amount of enticing food that ends up in front of us at the dinner table.

Packing on the pounds has become a national pastime for many of us around the holidays, but what if you could satisfy your desire for your traditional favorites AND enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving?

Here are five things you can do to make sure the turkey is the only one who is stuffed this holiday season:

Eat Breakfast
It might not make sense now, but experts say that if you eat a small meal in the morning, you will have better control of your appetite later on. Have something healthy like a egg with wheat toast or whole-grain cereal. This way, you won’t be starving when you finally sit down for the feast.

Exercise More
Eating less and exercising more is easier said than done, especially around the holidays. You don’t have to go to the gym and start benching your personal best, but instead try small things just to stay active. Take walks before and after the feast, take bigger steps wherever you go and increase your workout routine leading up to the big day.

Manage Your Portions
Before you get up for seconds, consider this. Don’t pack on the calories on food that you can eat any time of the year. Try your hardest to resist going back for more. Treat it as a regular meal and your body will thank you. Besides, leftovers always taste better the next day.

Cutback On The Alcohol
While we’re on the topic of calories, here’s one of the sneakiest¬† culprits. Alcohol calories add up quickly without us fully realizing it. Limit yourself to one glass of wine or champagne, but if you must have more than that, make sure you drink water between beverages to limit those calories.

Focus On Family And Friends
As much as we love our green bean casserole or grandmas famous yams, remember that Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your loved ones. Don’t huddle around the food all day long, go socialize outside, throw the football around before dinner or take some fun holiday pictures.


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