By Anthony Donatelli

Since 1926, families have cozied up in front of the TV every Thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s parade that’s full of giant character balloons, world-class cheer teams and iconic entertainment stars.

It’s also a parade that has had its mishaps. Nobody’s perfect so you can’t help but laugh at some of these Thanksgiving Day parade fails:

Barney Goes Pop

Back in 1997, kids everywhere were traumatized when their favorite dinosaur didn’t make it through the parade. After hitting a light pole, Barney deflated and everyone on the street was then forced to sing the clean up song.

Slip and Slide Cheerleader

What happens when a wet surface meets slippery boots? Just ask this cheerleader from Georgia State University. In the 2014 parade, a lot of slipping and sliding occurred, but this poor girl just happened to get caught doing it on national television.

Finger In The Hole

The 2014 parade fails continue with a performance with Nick Jonas. Although it wasn’t Jonas who has the spotlight on him in this fail video, but instead it’s one of his crew members who is making a very creepy hand gesture.

Lift Fail

Front and center of the 2012 parade, these three cheerleaders have just a tad bit of trouble trying to complete their lift. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the failing of this video.

I Think They’re Lipsyncing

All American Authors came to the 2014 parade to preform, but what we quickly realized is that it wasn’t live. As the band was introduced, the song started started playing along with the lyrics. One problem, the artists weren’t moving their lips. Oops.


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