By Heather Froglear

Thanksgiving is upon us, and in our busy lives, sometimes we forget to focus on gratitude and blessings, and teaching our kids the traditions that have been passed down in our families.

Take this long weekend to reflect on those blessings and traditions, and spend some time creating new memories with your family, with my Top 10 Family Activities for Thanksgiving Weekend!


  1. Leaves Of Love – Cut out paper leaves, and have each family member write something they’re thankful for on them, and save them each year.
  2. Read Together – Spend some time reading together with your kids. Find books about Thanksgiving or holiday-related books. Reading goes great with hot chocolate too!
  3. Take A Family Walk – Get out and take a walk together!
  4. Picnic In The Park – You know you’ll have Thanksgiving leftovers this weekend, why not put together a picnic basket full of turkey sandwiches and head to your local park!
  5. Volunteer – Why not get your family involved in something extremely rewarding: helping to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter?
  6. Baking – Bust out your favorite family recipes and have a little fun in the kitchen making all your favorite sweet holiday treats! And let your kids lick the beaters!
  7. Game Night – You’ve got the family together… it’s a great time to play some of your favorite board games!
  8. Holiday Movie Night – Grab a DVD of a holiday classic like, “Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving” or “It’s A Wonderful Life”, make some popcorn, turn out the lights and enjoy a family movie night.
  9. Crafts – Stop by your local Michael’s and grab some fun crafts for the little ones in your family to create after the Thanksgiving meal has settled. That’ll give the adults time to chat and keep the kids occupied until dessert.
  10. PJ Party – Break out the Christmas PJ’s! Invite all your relatives to stay over after the turkey dinner with one caveat: bring your pj’s and sleeping bags. When’s the last time you had a slumber party?

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