By Anthony Donatelli

The holiday season is in full effect, meaning it’s time to admire Christmas lights, go ice skating, and bake about a billion cookies.

What about those nights, where it’s way too cold to go out? Then fill up a cup of hot cocoa, cuddle up with that special someone, and watch a romantic holiday flick that television networks will air for just about the entire month.

Here are five romantic films to watch that will make your holiday season even brighter:

5. Love Actually

In one of the better Christmas romance flicks, “Love Actually” follows an array of different love stories through wide variety of individuals. It’s one of those movies that will keep you guessing, as many of the characters stories are interlinked within one another. The love in this film has everything from single people to married couples.

4. Surviving Christmas

Here we find Drew Latham, played by Ben Affleck, who finds himself totally alone for the holidays. Latham travels back to the house he grew up in as a child, only to find another family living in it. So naturally, he decides to rent that family to be his own for Christmas. This movie is filled with laughs and love for the entire family.

3. The Santa Clause 2

The sequel to one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, “The Santa Clause 2” brings back the original cast led by Tim Allen and features a few new loveable characters. When Scott Calvin, played by Allen, finds out he can’t continue to be Santa until he finds a Mrs. Clause, the love and romance kicks into high gear.

2. The Holiday

What happens when you have two unhappy women who swap homes all the way from across the country, just to get away from life for a while? That would be “The Holiday.” Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet want to find more in life, but what they eventually find is unexpected love interests in their interim houses.

1. It’s A Wonderful Life

There is nothing more romantic than the legendary Christmas film “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Follow the selfless life of George Bailey, who at one point becomes hopelessly depressed and wishes he had never been born. When an angel named Clarence comes down to show him what the town would have been like if he had never entered this world, George realizes how wonderful his life actually is.


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