By Christy McLeap

Kids love Valentine’s Day as much as all of us adults do. The candy, the cards, the love. It’s a day for just about everybody. Granted there are those folks who don’t like the special day of love. But, this isn’t their post. ūüôā

Here are 10 Things To Do With Kids On Valentine’s Day to celebrate and share how much you love them.

10. Why not celebrate with a¬†Valentine‚Äôs Day themed dinner! Get out the Valentine’s Day party supplies and decorate. Then design your dinner into foods that can easily be shaped into hearts like homemade pizza. You could even make the pepperoni in a heart shape.

9. ¬†Cuddle up on the couch with your little ones and make it a special Valentine’s movie night. Watch their favorite cartoons or Disney movies with your kids.

8.  Strike a pose and have every play model and have a photo shoot. You could even use some fun props like balloons, candy and heart decorations.

7.  Have a craft night and make Valentine’s Day cards with your children.

6.¬†Have your kids help you cook and make a special dessert for everyone to enjoy. Heck, maybe for once just replace dinner with that special dessert! After all, what is Valentine’s Day without sweets?

5. Make some fun and delicious goody bags. Surprise your children with a gift from cupid in a goody bag filled with Valentine’s tattoos, stickers and candy!

4.  Have some dress up fun and dress everyone up in Valentine’s Day outfits! Dress in red, pink and white themed outfits. Even get out the crafts and maybe draw hearts or paste glitter and other fun Valentine things on your clothes.

3. ¬†Make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast and treat your kids with a special Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed. Include heart shaped pancakes and eggs…you could even get out the food coloring and make everything red!

2. ¬†At dinner¬†time you could take turns¬†going around the table and give each person a chance to say why they love everyone in their family. Or ask them to show them how they¬†appreciate their family members. Of course if you have a shy kid, I wouldn’t try this. You would just ruin their day.

1. Maybe play a scavenger hunt game and find special little Valentine’s goodies hidden throughout your house. Kinda like an Easter Egg hunt.


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