By Heather Froglear

Hard to believe Stagecoach 2017 is days away!  I’ve camped with the K-Frog Family every year for the last 10 years at Stagecoach so I feel confident in sharing with my fellow campers, that’s YOU, on how to “glam up” your camping routine! The following are a few things to help you look hot and stay cool at the same time.


1)  Bring a big package of baby wipes.  Put them in your RV freezer.  Take them out as needed to cool off your body, and to wash your feet!  It gets a little dusty in Indio!

2)  Bring a baseball cap.  Guys and gals, don’t worry about what your hair looks like.  We’re all sweaty and we’re all baking in the sun.  Grab your favorite baseball cap or cowboy hat, throw your hair in a pony tail and live it up!

3)  Phone chargers.  There’s nothing worse than getting settled in camp and realizing you left your cell charger at home.

4)  Wanna find out where your friends are hanging out?  Do a “tweet up”.  If you and your group of friends use Twitter, come up with your own hashtag name so you can keep track of each other via Twitter!  For example, anything the K-Frog Family is doing at Stagecoach, we note on Twitter by using #KFROG.  Now, when you’re on Twitter, search that hashtag, and you’ll see what we’re all doing!

5)  Drink lots of water throughout the day.  Yes, this is a no-brainer, but it’s important.  It’ll keep your skin clear, your body hydrated, and allow you to LAST all day.  It’s 3-full days of amazing Country Music, and we don’t want you to miss anything!

6)  Sunscreen is a must!  Get travel sized tubes for your pockets or purses, so you don’t have to run back to the RV Campgrounds in the middle of A Thousand Horses to get your Sunscreen!  And be sure to apply it often!

7)  EAT SOMETHING.  Don’t run the risk of getting overheated during the concerts.  Keep yourself hydrated, but most importantly, start the day off with a good breakfast.  Something as simple as keeping lots of fruit in your RV will go a long way because you can throw an apple or banana in your purse if you need a quick pick-me-up between meals while you’re watching the performances.

8)  Pack lots of ice! When you think you’ve got enough ice for your coolers, refrigerator, and red solo cup, you realize you don’t.  Buy 1 extra bag just to be sure.  In El Dorado 1 there is a grocery store where you can buy ice, but you don’t want to run out at the same time the store closes for the evening.  Come prepared!

8)  Finally, have fun.  Enjoy a weekend away from work, t-ball practice, or homework.  And while you’re at your campground and you need a K-Frog fix, don’t forget you can listen to us on your smartphone with the app!


Even if you’re not camping at Stagecoach, and just coming in and out for the day, this is a good checklist to help you prepare for an amazing weekend.  See you there!


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