By Heather Froglear

A chance encounter with another amazing country artist led me to become a fan of Lucie Silvas.  I’ll try and keep this brief.

About 3 years ago when Brothers Osborne were on their radio tour, they came by K-Frog. After enjoying their phenomenal music live in our conference room, John Osborne and I got to talking about some of our own musical heros.

I think in the conversation I mentioned I grew up on folks like John Denver, Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, and some others and John’s eyes lit up.  He said, “You’d probably really enjoy my girlfriend, Lucie Silvas.”

So I went home and checked out all her performance videos on YouTube, and discovered, indeed… this was a gal with something very special!  First of all, her voice is riveting. She has the strength and control like a Bonnie Raitt, but with a unique tone and delivery that is absolutely refreshing.

Funny Story:

In 2014 I believe, I was on the Agenda Committee for the Country Radio Broadcasters/Country Radio Seminar and had just watched Brothers Osborne performing on the legendary Ryman Stage along with lots of other artists on their record label.  I stepped outside the back of the Ryman, and lo and behold, who do I run into?  Lucie!  While she didn’t know me, I recognized her from stalking her YouTube videos. 

She was just as lovely in person as I had imagined. 

Lucie, who is now married to John Osborne, was born in the UK and raised part of her life in New Zealand.  She started writing at age 10, and at age 17, became a background singer for British singer Judie Tzuke.

She’s toured with Elton John, Macy Gray and Jamiroquai to name a few, and since making a huge name for herself in the UK with her own music and songs she’s written for others to record, she knew Nashville was the next step.

Since moving to Nashville, she’s worked and toured with Kacey Musgraves, Tom Jones, Daughtry, Skrillex and of course, Brothers Osborne!  This Fall, she’s on board to go on the road with Little Big Town.

Finally, the U.S. can enjoy the beauty of Lucie Silvas’ gift, because she released her highly-anticipated album “Letters To Ghosts”, to rave reviews.



Even more impressive, is that Silvas wrote and co-produced all the songs on her album.  To me, that speaks volumes in the kind of artist that she is.  While she’s toured with huge acts, believe it or not, Stagecoach Country Music Festival will be her FIRST festival performance EVER.

I could not be more excited for you to see and hear Lucie Silvas on-stage.  I promise you will walk away a fan; not just for her incredible music and mesmerizing voice, but that great women in music still exist.  Even though they’ve never left.

Find Lucie Silvas on iTunes here.


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