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Next In Nashville: Thought You Should Know

Thought You Should Know is back with another list of new music by some of country music’s most talented artists. Besides introducing the new music, I will also be introducing the voice behind the lyrics with a couple of facts. Check back each Monday to find out what’s been released, just “Thought You Should Know!”


  1. “Drunk In Heels” – Jennifer Nettles

“Drunk In Heels” is a song off of the Playing With Fire album, written by Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark. The beauty of “Drunk In Heels”, is that the lyrics are true scenarios that many mothers can relate to. Jennifer Nettles wrote this song while nursing her child on her tour bus. Take a listen below and find out more about the album here.

  1. “I’ll Be Home Soon” – Craig Morgan

“I’ll Be Home Soon” is the new single of Craig Morgan’s album A Whole Lot More To Me.  The American country singer wrote “I’ll Be Home Soon” with song writers Justin Ebach, Steven Dale Jones and John King. The single is a testimony to the love shared between two people, reminding each other that they will be back home together soon. I could easily see this song narrating many heart felt videos of soldiers coming home. Take a listen for yourself below.


  1. “Fight Like a Girl” – Kalie Shorr

Kalie Shorr is an American country music singer-songwriter from Portland, Maine. Shorr has been writing songs and playing guitar since the age of thirteen and moved to Nashville when she was sixteen years old. Her new single “Fight Like a Girl” was inspired by the #Saladgate controversy in 2015, when a radio consultant referred to female country artists as tomatoes in a salad.  She encourages women to fight for their passion in her new single “Fight Like a Girl”.


  1. ‪ “Heartbreak Song” – Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton’s upbeat new release “Heartbreak Song” could easily be the follow up to “Better Than You Left Me”.  Guyton reminds the ex that she is doing just fine without him in her new single, “Heartbreak Song”.


  1. “Think A Little Less” – Michael Ray

Michael Ray’s “Think A Little Less” was written by Thomas Rhett, Barry Dean, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins and is featured on his self-titled album.  “Think A Little Less” has that steamy passion within each lyric, as Ray paints the picture of what his romantic plans are for the evening. Listen below for full detail.

  1. “Prime” – Jillian Jacqueline

Pennsylvania native, Jillian Jacqueline has released her single, “Prime” off her debut EP.  “Prime” has an upbeat, cheerful, confident sound with lyrics reminding people to make the most of each day while we can.

  1. “Second Wind” – Maren Morris

There’s not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I’m in love with Maren Morris’s new album, Hero. Each song feels as though they were written straight from a diary, that I wish I had. Whether the song talks about freedom, sorrow, remorse, passion, true love, temptation, or even over coming obstacles – Morris gives her listeners a voice.  “Second Wind” does just that as she reminds the listener, that nothing will phase her even as much as they try.  She will continue to catch her second wind and prove them wrong.

  1. “Love Can Go To Hell” – Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark has released several songs leading up to the release off her upcoming album, Big Day In A Small Town on June 10th. “Love Can Go To Hell” was a song recently released comparing all the ways love can go, leading up to the main subject and title of the song. “Love can go to hell/ In a broken heartbeat minute/ That’s where I am/ Without you in it/ Every day is just/ Another night by myself/ Love can go to hell/ Like roses in a vase of whiskey..”

  1. “Hometown Girl” – Josh Turner

Josh Turner released his second single off his upcoming album titled, “Hometown Girl”.  Josh Turner’s new single idolizes a woman for her hometown ways with lyrics like, “She couldn’t hide her beauty with a baseball cap/ Couldn’t help but shine with a heart like that.”

  1. “Y’all Girls” – Jake McVey

Singer, songwriter and guitar manufacturer – Jake McVey is the jack of all traits. After attending Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and having a successful business of building guitars, McVey started to see his shows take off and decided to pursue his passion for music. “Y’all Girls” is the first song released off his upcoming album.


  1. “Still Believe in Crazy Love” – Ryan Kinder

“Still Believe in Crazy Love” is a soft gentle song about finding and believing in crazy love featured on Kinders EP. “I also know my faith and in weakness there is strength so I tell myself there’s no giving up,” is sang throughout the song reminding the listener to have faith and not to give up. Listen to the full song below.

  1. “Shades” – Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes has released an upbeat, positive, catchy song titled “Shades”.  With its catchy lyrics and summer time vibe this song has the potential to be a summertime jam.  Listen below and tell us what you think.

  1. “Lipstick” – Runaway June

Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne make up the trio in Runaway June.  Their southern sound and harmonies are reminded of this generations Dixie Chicks. “Lipstick” is their debut single and can be purchased on iTunes or heard below.

  1. “Reckon” – Adam Craig

Adam Craig has released his debut EP which features, “Reckon”.  “Reckon” describes the reckon happening after a relationship ends and hoping the relationship can get rekindled within time. Listen below and tell us what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

  1. “Where Do You Go” – The Last Bandoleros
    The Last Bandoleros, Tex-Mex/Country/Rock style of music can be easily related to the sounds of The Beatles meets The Eagles with their unique and catchy sound. They recently sold-out New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall as the headliner. Listen to the first single off their debut EP titled, “Where Do You Go”.

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