By Amanda Wicks

Country music and sports go together well, as Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill have shown by each helming Sunday Night Football‘s theme song for the past several years. Now Blake Shelton is lending his talents to NASCAR singing the opening song for NASCAR. Like Underwood, he reworked one of his tunes to fit the program.

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Shelton rewrote the lyrics to his 2014 song “Bringing Back the Sunshine” off his album by the same name. The upbeat song features a big anthemic chorus that is pure country through and through.

“Happy to be back to kickoff NBC Sports’ second season of NASCAR coverage and be able to rework my song, ‘Bringing Back the Sunshine’ for the opening theme song,” said Shelton in a press release. “I am a true NASCAR fan and love being around the sport, spending time with the drivers, so this is a lot of fun for me.”

Underwood recently rewrote her hit with Miranda Lambert “Somethin’ Bad” to offer football fans a new opening theme come fall.

Shelton’s new version of “Bringing Back the Sunshine” will debut when the program returns on July 2. For now, listen to the original version below.


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