By Christy McLeap

America’s birthday, the 4th of July is a super fun holiday when it comes to keeping the kids occupied and making crafts. There are so many options and it’s good quality time to spend with the family.

Here’s a list of 5 easy crafts the whole family will enjoy making. (And of course these crafts all need adult supervision to create.)

5. Star Spangled 3D Wand

You will need:

Blue, red and white construction paper or cardboard
Paper towel roll
Sticky tape


I think it’s pretty easy to figure out. Cut out your figures and shapes making sure you leave a strip of paper, like a tab to glue or tape on the top side of the paper towel roll.


4. Fourth of July Placemat

You will need:

A sheet of white cardboard
Red, white  and blue paper


Fold the cardboard in half length ways. Cut long lines in the cardboard about 1 inch apart and about 1 inch from the edge.

Cut your construction paper into 1 inch strips. Take a strip and pass it under the cardboard and then up through the first slit, and just continue to weave. Repeat with a second strip of paper, starting the other way, down through the first slit and up through the second and so on. Keep weaving until you’ve filled up your mat.

3. Craft Freedom Bell

You will need:

An empty yogurt container
Aluminum foil
String or yarn
Scrap of white card board
Pens or markers
Gold paint


Take your scrap of card board and cut out a circle. Write the word “Freedom” or “Liberty” or whatever you’d like on it, and decorate.

Make a hole in the bottom of the yogurt container

Cover the container completely with aluminum foil. It should stick without glue if you wrap tightly. Paint or color the inside of the yogurt container.

Make a hole in the top of the card board circle you cut out earlier and tie some string through it. Make a knot in the string and make it the length you want. Thread the string through the hole in the yogurt container and hang up.


2. Patriotic Paper Chains

You will need:

Red, white and blue construction type paper
Stapler, glue or sticky tape


Cut your construction paper into about 1 inch strips. Roll each strip of paper into a circle and either glue, tape or staple the ends together.

Next put another strip of paper through the middle of the circle you just made. And continue to form the next link of your chain as you did in the earlier step. You’ll just keep going until you make your chain to the length you desire.

1. Stars And Stripes T-Shirt

You will need:

A white t-shirt
Thin red ribbon
A small rectangle of blue fabric (felt is a great fabric)
Star sequins
Fabric glue


Cut your of red ribbon into 7 equal sized strips. Glue the strips horizontally to your t-shirt, making sure you leave a gap equal to the width of each ribbon between each strip. This will form a rectangle, which is of course the shape and base of your flag.

Take the star sequins and decorate your blue fabric with it, and then glue it into the top left corner of your flag.

Finally glue the flag you just created onto your T-shirt and have a happy 4th of July!

Happy birthday America!

Get more ideas where I got mine,  Activity Village.



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