By Anthony Donatelli

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oprah Winfrey opened up about her weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m still on [the Weight Watchers eating plan]. I’m counting the points everyday and slowly it’s happening,” said Winfrey, who is also a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. “I love it.”

Winfrey, 62, has seen a noticeable change in her body by staying on her meal plan and doesn’t need to reach her goal by stepping on a scale.

“It’s a feeling where you get to the point where [you think], ‘Oh I can go to the store, I can pick that size, it’s available, I don’t have to like have it altered and all that stuff.’ So I’ll know when I’m there,” she said.

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Along with the recent success of her weight loss, Winfrey is no stranger to having success on television. This September will mark the 30-year anniversary of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The program left an incredible mark on American media and drew insanely good ratings, but Winfrey told ET that she chose the right time to walk away.

“I never wanted to be the person for whom people were saying, ‘Oh that show was so good two years ago.’ I never wanted to be the person who [was told], ‘You should’ve gotten out of the ring before you got punched stronger,'” Winfrey explained. “I never wanted to be the person who didn’t know when to exit the party.”

“It was the most glorious, most amazing platform anybody can have to speak to millions of people every day and I think I exited in the right exact moment,” she continued. “So now I get to tell stories in a different way.”


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