"Hey Briana, I'm trying to do a damn show right now!"

By Robyn Collins

At one of Kip Moore’s recent shows, a fan spent so much time texting that he reached into the audience and took her phone. Then he walked back to the mic and called the person she had been texting.

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Another concert-goer captured the half-joking half-not scolding on video.

Moore quieted the crowd, so that he could make the call to a woman named Briana. Then he said, “Hey Briana, I’m trying to do a damn show right now. . . and you’re texting the whole time with your friend. You’re talking about some bull—-, it ain’t nothin’ that can’t wait.”

The country star asked Briana for 30 more minutes of text-free attention before giving the phone back to her astounded friend.

“I’m playing with you,” he said, “but I’m not playing with you.”

Moore is currently touring with Miranda Lambert and Brothers Osborne on the Keeper of the Flame Tour.

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