"Fix" was a game-changing song for Lane.

By Brian Ives

Chris Lane’s fans are eagerly waiting his next album, Girl Problems, due out next month. It’s the long-awaited follow-up to 20112’s Let’s Ride.

Last year’s Fix EP has been holding the fans over, and the title track has been something of a game changer for him: it’s allowed him to bring his falsetto to country music. He recently told Radio.com how it happened.

“I got into the studio with [producer] Joey Moi, and we just took our time and made sure we got it right. I was really five or six songs deep, almost finished with [the EP], and a certain song that I released as my debut single, ‘Fix,’ came along right at the tail end of that, and changed everything. It was something that was unique for me, especially with the falsetto, which is something that you don’t necessarily hear in country music.”

He says that prior to cutting “Fix,” his only falsetto singing was along to the radio. “I got in the vocal booth, and I was a bit intimidated, but I grew up singing Backstreet Boys songs, and Usher songs, that had falsetto in them. But I was a little bit intimidated by that.”

“Fix” would change the course of his EP: “It was a song that I really took to, and then we wiped all the other songs out, and started over, and that was a very painful process for me, because I was dying to get music out there. That was a long three year gap [in between records].”

“But I’m really glad that I waited,” he says, “Because I never would have ended up with the songs that I have now.”

How did his producer discover that Lane could sing like that? “I was singing either an Usher song or I was singing this Mario song that I cover at my shows, an R&B song called ‘Let Me Love You,’ that I really love a lot.”

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“He [Moi] just turned around in his seat, and was like, ‘What was that?'”

“And I said, ‘What’s what?'”

“‘What you just did! Why don’t you do that when you get in the vocal booth?'”

“And I said, ‘Well, we don’t have songs that do that.’ It’s weird: a week or two later, ‘Fix’ came in, and we just tried it out, and here we are.”

Girl ProblemsĀ is available for pre-order starting tomorrow, July 12. The album will be out on August 5.

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