logo stater Stater Bros. to Decrease Electricity Use by 425,000 kWh Per Month

San Bernardino, California  –Stater Bros. has given back to its communities for over 80 years and is continuously striving to do more. During the upcoming summer months, Stater Bros. has announced that they will reduce lighting energy by 50% in all of their 168 locations.

This decrease will limit electricity usage by 425,000 kWh per month; equivalent to powering 470 homes per month. The decrease may also help lessen the possibility of power outages over the summer.

“Every day during summer months, all 168 Stater Bros. supermarket locations will voluntarily reduce lighting energy use by 50%, from 12 noon to 6 p.m.” said President and CEO of Stater Bros. Markets, Pete Van Helden. “Energy use peaks during this time and our energy reduction efforts underscore Stater Bros.’ ongoing commitment to the environment, community and our employees,” Van Helden further stated.

In addition to this summers savings, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) GreenChill Partnership has awarded Stater Bros. Markets with the “Best Emissions Rate” Award for having the lowest refrigerant emissions rate of all of GreenChill’s partners.

“Stater Bros. has always believed in doing the right thing for the right reason and expanding our environmentally friendly business practices is simply the right thing to do,” said Jack H. Brown, Executive Chairman of Stater Bros. Markets. “As we celebrate 80 years of serving Southern California Families, we want to ensure that we are doing our part so that the values and legacy of our founders, Leo and Cleo Stater will be enjoyed for many generations to come,” Brown further stated.


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